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Nokia Continued Missteps Spell Near Term Disaster For Shareprice.

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Nokia's continuned missteps spell near term disaster for shareprice. Nokia recently announced their flagship smart phone, the Lumia 920 and they appear to have made a reasonably good fist of it. It come's with a good shopping list of features including fast dual core processor, 1GB of RAM, 32GB of flash, a quality camera, large high definition screen and what promises to be a cracking OS, windows phone 8.

What more could share holder ask for in terms of a product launch? Well given the 15% dip in the share price immediately post announcement they obviously wanted more, a lot more. I am confident that investors have realised that the lack of an imminent release date means that it will most likely come long after the announcement and release of the iPhone 5. Would-be customers which might of considered switching to windows 8 simply won't want to wait anymore given that they've waited up to a year for the iphone 5 to appear. Unless Apple completely screw up the iphone 5 release Nokia's share price will suffer under the heft of Apple's marketing steamroller. Further to this the other WP8 franchises have clearly not been sitting on their hands and have significantly upped the sexiness of their offerings, the Samsung ATIV S looks like a like a very attractive package and HTC no doubt will come up with something equally competitive. All this does not bode well for Nokia's survivability.

Nokia have some key selling points, like music streaming, free offline satnav and what appears to be awesome imaging features but I am not sure these will be enough. My bet is that, as part of their mapping solution revamp, Apple will be bringing out downloadable maps in their next release.

I am a current iphone 4 user although I did try Nokia's Lumia 800 for a couple of weeks when it was first released in the UK. I had to go back to the iphone 4 after realising that the Lumia didn't have a working wifi hotspot feature.

I desperately want Nokia to survive and be competitive but I can't see this happening in either the near or mid term. In the long term they may make a recovery but not I suspect with their current single minded WP8 strategy.

Disclosure: I am short NOK.

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