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RedRut Performance

Since I have built up a decent following, I thought it would be a useful exercise to quickly sum up, what I have written and how the investment has fared! If you look at my actually blog I state a few additional names that are European and not State-Side

Nokia, Write up here

Recommended buying @ EUR 3 (July 3rd). Have begun closing the D&S thesis @ 4.20 giving a 37% return in only two months. Huzzah (Paid 3% for protective puts)

Potash players. Potash cartel shatters profitability

Recommended shorting K+S at EUR 22 and POTash Corp at $30 on July the 30th.

Closed both trades out and went long K+S on August 8th at a price of EUR17.40 and POTash at $30.10, making 18% in K+S and a small loss in Potash. I closed out my long K+S a few days later at EUR18.30 making an additional 5% in a few days.

I recommended buying Dialog Semiconductor on June 18th at a price of EUR11.50. The stock dropped all the way down to EUR9 before rebounding to the current price of EUR15 where I intend to hold until the end of this week giving a 30.5% return thus far.

I recommended Infineon on June 5th at $8.50 and the stock now trades at $9.50 where I would advise closing it on concerns that the new fab ramp up may eat into EBIT near term. Total return 17%.

In May I wrote that Tesla investors should sell at $110 in order to get back in at lower levels ($75-$80) as the short squeeze wore off. The stock dipped as low as $85 after my call before continuing it's relentless drive onwards. The stock traded for a while as high as $106 and so i will limit this position to a small profit despite potential for a larger one if you were more trigger happy!

So a recap

Followed me on...

...Nokia, you made 37%

...K+S you made 23%

...Dialog you made 30.5%

...Infineon, you made 17%

...Tesla, you made 3.5%

...Potash Corp, you lost 0.5%

Hope you all find this useful!