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RedRut Performance: 2

First thanks to all who read my bits and pieces over the past months. I always enjoy a good debate even when I'm proved wrong.

At the bottom you will find a recap of my previous picks and if you want the relevant evidence, there are links on my previous write up

1) POTUS, on August 8th, I advised going long POT @ $30.10, despite having to wait nearly half a year, Uralkali's tentative cartel reformaiton and supply tightness has helped the potash market and allowed POT to recover, earning you 16.2%

2) Blackberry BBRY, I have been a vocal hater of Blackberry for a while and I guess you could count my hatred and lose advice to short as profit but I never explicitly said it so I won't count that. On November 5th, I gave a HOLD recommendation, on December 23rd, I issued a BUY recommendation at thr $7.10 mark, following this advice you made 21%

3) Pandora (A/S). I have been a long term holder but never put detailed research on SA as it isn't worth my time considering lack of readership. I have it on SCRIBD and if anyone wants the link on why there is another 30-50% here, let me know. Anyway, I advised that the sell off (due to Bangkok violence) was ill-informed and added to my position about 300DKK. The stock has since pre-released and upgraded earning you 6.6%

4) Best Buy (NYSE:BBY)...This is annoying, I tried to tell people to buy on the open on the profit warning. My message never got through for some reason. I won't chalk it up to anything but clearly it would have been a winner.

Sorry I haven't been more active, I am concentrating on more mid cap Europe and I felt that this research would have been of limited use to you all. If you want to ask for my picks, let me know!

Last review (Should I have held in brackets)

Followed me on...

...Nokia, you made 37% (YES!!!)

...K+S you made 23% (YES!!!)

...Dialog you made 30.5% (YES!!!)

...Infineon, you made 17% (YES!!!)

...Tesla, you made 3.5% (NO!!!)

...Potash Corp, you lost 0.5% (HELD ANYWAY)