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The EURO Show

The entire Europe is shaking. The crisis is not over, investment banks are on the edge again. As TV-made-prophets foresee the end of the EURO currency, common people realize (just about now) that something that looked as distant as an earthquake in Haiti (or Tahiti?!), the fail of Lehman or the unending stories about "sub-prime" had a powerful negative effect on their personal income.

Let's go back to the EURO. It will not disappear. But some changes will take place. Germany, "the green zone" of Europe's economy will condition for the political power distribution to be correlated with money contribution, not with the number of people or country size.

We'll see an Europe like UEFA Europa League (or Champions League) keeping a list where all the shareholders/participants receive key administrative positions directly related to the past years' performances: Germany - gave the most... - it receives 100 positions, France ... 43 positions, Bugaria... 2...

What does this mean? Why will it happen? Because an administration which can make favors to a country is an important asset (a real reason for investing in a bailout). It will bring more money for its interests. Money makes money, big money makes the 

The UEFA Europa League is in fact an avant-garde of the European society, a (good or bad) model to be followed, both being clubs with members and second-hand members. While some teams/countries are already losing hope about winning, the game will became more interesting for those who organized the show.

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