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Biotime, cash on hand against "worth."

:”At December 31, 2010, we had $33,324,924 of cash and cash equivalents on hand. ”

so, what is biotime “worth”"??

using the model i built a couple of weeks ago,
1x tangible book, plus
3x intangible >plus<
8x hex sales, >>>plus<<
50x stem sales
(and i cheerfully note that ben graham is rolling in his grave, but this is after all, a “story stock”)

$41 mm
shares??? 40mm.

$1 a share.

so: a price range… $1-2. that’s all there is.

those who like this puppy, who buy the story for whatever corpsicle, stem cell, transhumanist reasons,
whatever personal health problems that might lead them to want biotime to succeed, that’s what’s there.

the rest is whore stock gaming, betting on ball games for the sake of the bet, blue devils vs. whatever.
there’s $$$ to be accumulated playing that game.
but that is >>not<< prudent speculation.