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shale gas hat trick and geothermal energy

|Includes:Geodynamics Ltd. (GDYMF)
shale gas offers a hat trick for America
Firstly - cheap, domestic gas (strengthens the economy)
Secondly - cheap carbon burial (nearby gas/coal power plants get out of jail free in regards to emission trading)
Thirdly - develops domestic capacity (skills/equipment/financing) for geo-thermal energy
Geo-thermal is the coiled dragon of electricity generation, if/when it wakes up, it will undercut all competitors.  just think of a well producing steam for a turbine 24hrs a day for 10 years then 8hrs day (peak periods only, user chooses when) for another 50 years.   with zero emission as well.
Hot dry rock geothermal tends to located under sedimentary rock (oil / gas / coal / shale deposits) so this should be potentially available in Australia, America, China, India, ME, Poland, South Africa, Canada, Russia etc
The drilling for geothermal is at the leading edge of technology, the ground is hot and could destroy normal instrumentation,  the depths are deep to have the high temperature rock.  Australia's largest land based drill rig is used for geothermal energy, so this requires a strong oil/gas background as a precursor to development.   Fraccing expertise is required
example stock gdy - geodynamics  
a back of envelope calc shows that in australia a single geothermal lease could provide for 1/2 of Australia's baseload electricity consumption.  (similar to how solar is fairly area compact in requirements, but geothermal power doesn't monopolise surface use)
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