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the brilliance of battery swap

 look at the attached sheet, download and enter the numbers representing your own particular locality

A vehicle like the Nissan LEAF is only economically rational for the middle section of car market, who are not large users of petroleum.


battery swap users enter from the heavy mileage users of the market.   taking the top 10% of users (taxis, couriers) will reduce by 1/3 or 1/2 a country's oil demand.  for example this is sufficient for Australia or China to become oil exporters again.  This is also sufficient to cause consolidation amongst the retail petroleum outlets in a country.

take the next 10-20% (longer distance commuters) onto EV's and even the US becomes close to gasoline self-sufficiency.

but this can only work with battery swap systems like Better Place,  dual mode vehicles like the GM volt or BYD f3dm even if bought by taxis will require petrol and run like a Prius for heavy useage  & something like the LEAF is not useable for the very heavy users.

so go ahead, plug in you regions costs, and see if your taxis are eligible for free replacement.

Disclosure: long ZBB, LYC