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Citi to unload government stake?

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According to a recent news article there are talks about Citi to unload 34% of the government own interest. One of the only ways they can accomplish this is by selling off whatever viable business units they have or of course the obvious of doing yet again a secondary stock offering which means the stock will be diluted. For those of you who are long the shares, expect some volatility coming up ahead. It is also said that the government maybe selling their interest or maybe have been selling their interest in Citi. Not too sure what to expect short term for the stock, but long term this is good news for the company. Ultimately the existing share holders will be the ones to finance this exit strategy unless there is a buyer big enough, or buyers with deep pockets to take over the government stake in Citi. I have to admit though, their timing is ever so perfect on the one year anniversary of the Lehman Brother collapse.

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