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PLC Med's (PLCSF) Breakthrough New Medical Product Solves Problem Of Severe Kidney Damage

Almost everyone knows someone who has a stent. A stent is a small metal tube that a cardiologist puts in to restore blood flow to your heart. You probably know that heart disease is the number one cause of death in America, but what you didn't know is that inserting a stent (the primary treatment) could severely damage your kidneys. PLCSF has a new patented solution that will save lives.

Stents are one of the biggest medical breakthroughs in the last thirty years. Developed by leading medical companies; Boston Scientific, Johnson & Johnson, Abbott, they sell millions world-wide. Having a stent inserted is dramatically less invasive than open heart surgery that requires your chest to be opened to repair the poor blood flow-typically called "bypass surgery." Stents today are the primary treatment for heart disease, and it's extremely likely you know someone who has a stent. Maybe even you have one.

But what most people are unaware of (including stent recipients) is that if you are the wrong kind of stent patient, your kidneys could be severely damaged in the process. The wrong kind of patient could be defined simply as; someone who is old, has diabetes, or has chronic kidney disease. If you're thinking that is a huge segment of the population, your right-almost 20 % of the stent patients today fall into this category. With almost 20% of the patients receiving stents at risk of having their kidneys severely damaged, it has become a major problem in the medical community. Patients that get their kidneys injured (acute kidney injury) end up dying faster, and have additional life-threatening complications like dialysis..

What has been done to reduce the risk and solve the problem? Until now, hospitals and medical professionals have had no real solution.

PLC Medical Systems, Inc. (OTCPK:PLCSF) has developed a break-through patented product called RenalGuard™ that solves this problem. And unlike so many new medical products, RenalGaurd is already being sold and in use around the world. Recently, PLC Med began their U.S. clinical trial lead by an advisory team of field experts.

PLC has two major studies that have been published in peer reviewed journals; REMEDIAL II, and MYTHOS, that clearly demonstrate the viability and success of the product. Although PLC Medical Systems has been around a long time and you may know the name, their savvy new management team is developing a line-up of break-though new products and innovations that promise a bright future.

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