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Twitter Attracts The Likes of Jim Cramer, Howard Stern, P Diddy, Ashton Kutcher, President Obama and Even Myself

Now lets talk about an explosion in the social networking circles, it was huge when MySpace broke out of the gate and the doubters piled on top of one another until their parent company Intermix Media was taken over by News Corp. The chuckles subsided and was replace by a big thump, wow why would News Corp waste their time and money to invest in that thing?, the simple answer is this , it is visionaries that make history not the sheep in business.

MySpace was one of the hottest sites on the net having more page views than Google back when it was acquire in 2005, its membership based grew at alarming rates getting the attention of Microsoft and Yahoo at the time. The next big social networking injection was Facebook, it was geared mostly towards the college crowd but grew to the high school crowd and way beyond.

Enter stage left recently is Twitter, , and for those that have been living under an social networking rock over the past year, this new dog in the pound seems to have a wee bit more of a bite than Facebook or MySpace anticipated. It is a social networking slash mini-blogging platform that allows users to send their thoughts over a vast network of users, these posting are called Tweets and when you Tweet your reach can be anywhere from the hundreds to the thousands just on Twitter alone. 

There are cross social networking applications that actually allow you to "Tweet" aka post your updates on Twitter and Facebook at the same time, it seems as though Facebook actuallly is going with the flow, and I wouldn't be shocked if they bought them out at some point down the road. 

Now the traffic to Twiter has been surging daily, with more and more celebrities and music/tv personalities jumping on board, this social networking fad seems to be becoming a mainstay in more ways than one. 

Some of the other functions allow users to post pictures for others to view using and actually if you it is configured into the program. Another platform that has burst on teh scene to actually interact with Twitter is , this platform allows a user to upload actual videos, Tweet them to Twitter and in turn Twitter updates your Facebook status, pretty cool if you ask me.

I have just started to use Twitter myself, you can follow me at as I even bit the bullet and installed Twitterberry on my blackberry, so I'm looking to use this to reach the masses in under 140 characters.

Some celebrities or music/tv/radio personalities that you can fidn on Twitter include Jim Cramer from "Mad Money", Tom Keene from Bloomberg Radio, shaquille O'Neal,  P Diddy, Mc Hammer "Can't touch This" , Lance Armstrong, Hulk Hogan, Britney Spears, Howard Stern "The King of All Twitters" , Ashton Kutcher, John Mayer, Good Morning America, Senator John McCain, Chuck Grassley, George Stephanopoulos and during his campaign both President Barack Obama and VP Joe Biden Tweeted away. Now to be fair some of them have their Twitterbugs Tweeting for them, but the ones that do their own tweeting include Shaq, Mc Hammer, Lance Armstrong, Hulk Hogan, Fab 5 Freddy,  Brooke Burke and myself (ha).

The Twitter Mania is just starting and I see it becoming the next phase in social networking or just in total mobility for anyone that has a mobile device. We live in a very mobile society this is why advertising in movie theatres, on mobile phones, on the sides of buildings and of course on the internet has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. 

If you aren't using Twitter then you are missing out on the micro blogging phenomenon.

Follow me on Twitter as I try to build up my micro blogging skills to keep in touch with the readers and listeners of "Wall Street to Main Street" and the NAMC Radio.

Lou Victor

'Wall Street to Main Street'