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Unpublicized flaw on TurboTax could tank Intuit

I've been a TurboTax customer for years, and like doing my own taxes. Keeps me close to the process, and organized in my finances. Installing and Efiling is easy.

Except this year. With my Windows XP Dell, I can't install it at all. And I'm not alone.

Since the disc was functional and I'm not a computer moron, I gave a quick call to tech support. Talked to a worker who's name I shall not reveal who said it's a "problem, and we're working on it." Took my email address and he'd notify me when a fix was available. Said they don't know why it's popping up, but it's happening all over. He probably talked too much.

I had previously not considered the competition, but this gives me great pause to continue as a loyal customer. It's mid-February--not exactly the beginning of tax season--and they're "working on it?" I'm used to updates on the software continuing through April--no biggie--but I can't even install????

I'm wondering once this gets out what impact it will have on Intuit stock, both short and long term.

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