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Select the Top 10 SA Contributers

My top selection is: Wall Street Breakfast, Must-Know News. A concise, to the point, list to start out my Day. Thank you Eli.

AND The Author doesn't have an ax to grind.

I started looking through the Comments and came to the Conclusion that John Lounsbury is most frequently mntioned but Pertersen, the Mole and TraderMark are in there multiple times as well:

These are some of the names:

John Lounsbury, Charles Lieberman

Dividends4life, the Mole, and M Shedlock, James Quinn who I do like but moves in Bad Company, Phil Davis, Jeff Miller, Simon Johnson, TraderMark, Merkel, Tyler Durden. John Petersen, Schiif, Lifton. Armistead,

Tony Petroski, David Fry, Enuff Sed, Don Dion, Steve Hansen,Craig Pirrong, Elliot Gue, Fred Wilson, John Jansen,  Bespoke, Altendorf, David Hunkar, Jason Schwarz.

As a Group the "renegades" have more exposure to certain authors and are most likely to mention them first. And these authors tend to be ones which promote either Commodities or Other Investment categories. They are also the ones who Hogged the Comment stream Below.

Only 25% of the comments below, Do Not come from People who make Daily comments on OG's "Quick Chats".

In Other words, It doesn't do The other Potential Candidates justice.

I have learned Quite a few "New" names from the Other commentators.

And Unless SA gives it widespread coverage, We will always be Kept in the Dark as to what Is available.

An Idea SA, Keep a List of Authors and their specialities Somewhere Easily Accessible.