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words, not actions and ppt goosing; short covering

the US of Apple;

yeah, that is the market, AAPL from 380 to 564 is hundreds of billions and a huge impact on the indices, both snp500 and nasdaq

ppt the apple and the rest takes care of itself

remember, when you sense the insanity, that is good; it needs to feel that way in the gut; a sense of disgust with hints of abandoment of the whole wretched thing; a sense of have to stop the pain;

in either direction these feelings are the same

remember how you feel on the bottom and remember how you feel on the top

selling tops is harder than buying bottoms but the senses are still the same

shorting tops is the hardest contrarian move

again, remember a couple of your adages which you sometimes forget;

do not short AAPL, which you did;

the power elite can and will manage the markets to points of ridiculousness, time and time again

now sit and watch

the advance is turgid on lots of stocks, just key index ones are getting the goose for headline purposes