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Unbridled hurtling.

Remember June 2008? The late winter dip a distant memory and oh how the goldman boys were bleating.

Same thing now.

Patience with this type of headlong plunging pays off. Sound economics are generally boring. No. Now we are in the off-to-the-races and forget about anything ever bad.

And of course the everpresent horrors of the Power Elite awaiting the Pigeons. They must bankrupt and destroy the accumulated capital of hundreds of millions because compound interest will turn the funny money into the greatest inflationary force ever witnessed.

That what all of this about. The last 50 years of unrelenting excess must be sopped up with a big sponge.

I mean. This market is undeniable. Right? How could you not want a $10 dividend on your $600 Apple share (let's see hmmm $10 divided by $600 is ... 1.6 PERCENT YIPPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEE

oh, and another little thing; tax rate on dividends goes to 39.6 from 15 in 2013 and cap gains to 20 from 15

think that will affect anything?

and toss in 3.8% sales tax on gross selling price

yeah Chase, sit tight, what goes around comes around and the unwillingness of the manipulators to not let things works their way out will surely lead to serious chaos

one thing is if you divide the snp500 by the US public debt, we are actually poised for a runup in nominal value, not real value, just as occurred in the 80's and 90's

my forecast of a 4500 snp500 is right on ONLY BUY AFTER the collapse