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Fox News Charles Payne Extreme Bias, He should be Fired!

This interview was disgraceful. Charles Payne should be fired! 

Have a look at this Fox News interview with a socialist that wants free health care in America and the extreme bias pig interviewer employee of Fox News that would barely let the guy get a word in sideways, who only talked about how hard he works, his expensive cuff links and material things he wants, all the taxes he pays and to hell with people that are less fortunate. Instead of talking about what the solution might be. He just wanted to make the guy look like a fool, see the interviewer's email here if you want want to contact Fox News about him, Charles Payne:

I am a USA citizen. Now, after living in Thailand for 3 years and meeting many people from Europe and Canada who are very happy with their health care system, I understand where this guy is coming from. People in those countries want to take care of each other and have a more community based way of thinking, what we are talking about here is caring about people instead of worrying about how much money the insurance companies and lawyers might loose or a few people that might abuse the system or how much more taxes will go up. The guy's point is if people are healthy they will a have better life and want to work and be productive. But yes, we should be able to construct a system without increasing taxes. The health care system in Thailand is so much more affordable and there are no malpractice suits, medical schools cost much less and no lawyers or insurance companies jacking up the prices on health care.
I don't know what the solution is, but there has to be a fundamental shift in the way we think about community in America. The way it is now, most people only think about "I got mine and if you are poor or need help, too bad for you, you're an idiot or lazy good for nothing and it is wrong of you to expect help, you should have planned better". Or "I wish there was something I could do, but socialized medicine will ruin America." Well what about all the billions that have been poured into bailouts of American companies that ought to be out of business anyway like GM. Hey if you don't know how to make a profit why should you be in business. There are many ways we could fund affordable health care in America. Plus the millions that are given to charities and religious organizations, where does all that money go? I don't know why this issue is so difficult to figure out except there must be some reason the greedy ultra rich that control America don't want it.