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Let Them Eat Cake: Fire Charles Payne of Fox News

Health insurance executives purposely create policy to stall paying claims and stall approving medical procedures. Their strategy is to clog the system and do everything they can to sabotage doctors and customers. They hire lawyers to write insurance policies that are so complex intentionally making it very difficult to understand what is actually covered in your policy. They are gouging the public and making huge profits paying themselves huge salaries laughing all the way to the bank while people are dying. This is beyond greed, it is pure evil.

Greedy lawyers have driven up malpractice insurance so high that you practically need to be a millionaire start practicing medicine.

Why does this issue have to be so adversarial? We have to ask, who stands to loose if we design a medical system that is affordable? But I think it’s all a moot point because the people in control who could make a difference love money and believe they are superior human beings “Let Them Eat Cake.”

I once heard the comment about people dying in Africa “it was not a successful famine” not enough people died. The bottom line, this is all about Darwinism, survival of the fittest. If you have bad luck and cannot afford health insurance, and have a major medical problem, too bad for you, you die. We are not civilized human beings, we are animals.

This interview was disgraceful. Charles Payne should be fired! 

Have a look at this Fox News interview with a socialist that wants free health care in America and the extreme bias pig interviewer employee of Fox News that would barely let the guy get a word in sideways, who only talked about how hard he works, his expensive cuff links and material things he wants, all the taxes he pays and to hell with people that are less fortunate. Instead of talking about what the solution might be, he just wants to perpetuate the unsympathetic bias that is pervasive in America regarding this issue.