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Week In Review – June 24, 2012: Stimulus Withdrawal

|Includes:DIA, IVV, TLT, Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETF (VWO), XLF

"Anytime you suffer a setback or disappointment, put you head down and plow ahead." - Les Brown

Stocks ended the week slightly down after some volatile up and down movement following "stimulus disappointment" from the Fed's extension of Operation Twist. The Greek elections came and went, Spanish bond yields fell, and U.S. Treasury bond yields rose. On CNBC Thursday I used the analogy that markets are going through "stimulus withdrawal" following the Fed's extension of Operation Twist which magnitude-wise was less than the market wanted ( Yet, equities did not collapse, indicative of more resiliency in the face of the negative narrative which I have brought up a number of times in my writings. The next few weeks will likely provide more clarity as investors digest the Fed's policy decision, while other central banks like the Bank of England weight more aggressive monetary easing to counter slowing growth.

Our ATAC (Accelerated Time And Capital) models kept us in equities, with some rotation given what could be a moment of leadership in small-cap stocks globally. Defensive sectors of the market continue to show relative weakness, while higher beta names appear to be catching investor attention. It is worth noting that despite Thursday's downgrade by Moody's of several bank stocks, Financials continue to show strong leadership relative to the S&P 500. I have continuously stressed the idea that reflation should be confirmed by strength in bank stocks, which appears to still be intact.

I will be on CNBC Monday (June 24th) some time between 2-3 PM EST discussing my latest seasonal call, which I am naming the "Summer Surprise" ( I will also be thematically discussing the idea that income is now expensive, resulting in "Dividendsanity" which has made the Utilities, Healthcare, and Consumer Staples sectors more richly priced than growth areas of the investable landscape. I believe this is a very important distortion to bring attention to, which has broader implications on market movement going forward and a potential reversal of risk sentiment.

The Lead-Lag Reports I put together exclusively for Minyanville continue to show a turn in the bear trade, which I believe is just getting started. Markets in many ways act like a pendulum. At one extreme, investors when scared prefer dividend heavy/income investments to counter slowing growth and a recession in terms of overall portfolio allocation. At the other extreme, investors when optimistic prefer growth/cyclical areas of the market. Various intermarket trends show that the pendulum appears to be swinging more toward growth expectations, which would coincide with a Summer Surprise of higher highs in equities which I maintain is a high probability. And while I may be completely wrong, I have yet to see compelling counter-evidence to the message of price.

We remain optimistic on the future, and have some very (very) exciting things coming up on the business front. Tune in to CNBC during my segment for a special announcement which we hope will excite followers of our work and ATAC methodology. As always, thank you for your interest in Pension Partners, and feel free to reach out to us any time.

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