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NASDAQ 100 Spreadsheet: Where's the Money Moving?

As recently posted in my blog, I am writing this article to announce a new FREE way I will be tracking the performance of stocks in the NASDAQ 100. I am still testing this method of stock picking, to see if it has any significance, but I believe it may be a way to see where the money is moving without staring at a heatmap which would not give you this list anyway, and would cost money for the software. To the point however, I have created a spreadsheet which has the NASDAQ 100 ranked both alphabetically and by market cap. If worst comes to worst I still have the entire list of NASDAQ 100 stocks ranked alphabetically which I can analyze in the click of a button.

To download this sheet click here.

Explaining each sheet:

Sheet 1 of spreadsheet: There are 2 sets of data. There is no reason for the two different sets other than Excel would not allow more than 70 stocks to be refreshed at once, so I divided it into two equal groups. To get daily or even by the minute (delayed 20 minutes) stock data click "data" and then "refresh all". This will allow you to see each stock in the NASDAQ 100 and their daily data as well as yearly data. This list is ranked alphabetically.

Sheet 2 of spreadsheet: This has each company ranked by Market capitalization (greatest to least). To refresh this click "data" "refresh". The way I use this as a tool is to see which stocks are being bought and sold. I rank them on a weekly and monthly basis by market cap to see which stocks have moved up or down on the list of the NASDAQ 100. You'll notice the top 25 are quite hard to move, but the bottom 75% of the list vary on a weekly and monthly basis and could provide some insight on the stronger companies or at least more bullish stocks (overall market cap).

Like I said I do not know if this method has any credibility yet, but I will be testing this over the months to come to see if I can find anything significant.