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Quarterly sales taxes are due at the end of april. If not paid a 10% penalty will be added with 24% per annum.2% per month. You will have 1 year to pay before your bank account will be levied for payment. I owe about $3k. To some not very much. But for a small capitolist like myself I can turn this $3k into $20k easily in 1 year. this will free up my other assets to pay expenses and allow an opportunity to turn a few fast nickels. small payments can be made to lower impact of intrest. New capitol will revolve every quarter. This is a scary way to do things I know but My credit score is over 750 and I cant even get a credit card. any body got any better ideas besides some BS 10 year bond or 30yr IRA. I need money now to make money now. WE NEED TO GET ENOUGH BUSINESSES TO DO THIS TO STOP CALIFORNIA AND MAKE THEM FIGURE OUT WHAT TO DO WHEN THEY GO OUT OF BUSINESS. They have been telling us that they have more important things to spend OUR money on for years. I beg to differ. Many say but that money is already the states. They take a percentage of total sales. How about raising your prices. Consumers will shop somewhere cheaper. California just decided to take an additional penny for every dollar spent. We did not vote for this. I have decided to take what does not belong to me also, just as they have decided.
Sincerely, Deadbreed

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