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A Lesson to Obama From Germany's Kurt Schleicher

Memo to the Left: Be careful what you wish for. And this is from someone who is decidedly right of center.

If America descends into a totalitarian form of government, the origins may well be traced to the current health bill. It is a draconian piece of legislation that FORCES people to buy health insurance, whether they want to or not. As such, it is backed by some pretty strict enforcement measures. To be clear, it is the ENFORCEMENT, rather than the bill itself that we are wary of. Its arrogance is in a (Senate) draft that says that it "can't be changed or repealed." As if this (unwise) Congress knew what we needed for all time.

A German Chancellor named Kurt Schleicher once thought that the way to govern was through interest group politics, playing one interest group against another within his center-left coalition (sound familiar)? He went from center, to left, and back to center, pleasing no one (except possibly his enemies on the right). In the process, he created a national consensus for concentration of power, and strong government, which he hoped (vainly) to benefit from.

The year was 1932, about where we are in the modern economic cycle. Schleicher was faced by a severe problem that neither he, nor others, could solve, except by the most drastic methods. But the consensus for "concentration" (of power) he created  was used to great effect by his immediate successor, who "did the job," albeit in the worst way, including doing in Schleicher himself.