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Did Budget Estimates Of the Health Care Bill Matter?

By the most conservative estimates, the new health care bill will cost something like $1 trillion. If that's the case, we can pay for it, through new taxes/fees/penalties built into the health bill.

On the other hand, there are other estimates that the true cost of the bill's mandates is more like $2 trillion. There is a limit to the amount of taxes that could be raised to finance it.

A more important question is, are there any legislators out there who would be willing to pass the bill if the final cost were approximately $1 trillion, but would balk if the best estimate was closer to $2 trillion. Put another away, are there any lawmakers that think in cost and "P&L" terms? That would be thinking like a businessperson.

Or are there more legislators that would vote for the bill if it cost $10 trillion or even $100 trillion? We want the health bill and the solvency of the country be damned! That, of course, would not be legislation, that would be politics.