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Make The Right Decision When Trading Binary Options Or Forex

Trading Forex or binary options empowers people to become a part of a very dynamic market that spins billions each day. The payouts are great and the amount of work invested is minimal, not to mention that there are no bosses to answer to and no obligations to spend long hours behind a desk. The question is whether to choose Forex or binary options and in order to make an educated decision one has to know the similarities and difference between them

Similarities between Forex and binary options

Both markets are easily accessible to the audience and since they are operated online, there are very few restrictions that do apply. Access to information is facilitated by the Internet and with a decent amount of research, even rookies have a chance of picking up the basics and make profit. In both cases, the players are supposed to predict the outcome of an event and bid accordingly, by taking a position.

On the flip side, these operations are not risk free and those who choose to trade binary options and Forex alike should remember not to invest more than they can afford to lose. Leverage helps them mitigate the risks, by enabling them to aim big payoffs while investing lower amounts of money.

Differences between binary options and Forex

While both markets are accessible to newcomers, binary options are much easier to understand and trade, because there are just two possible outcomes. There is a strong connection between the risks and potential gains in Forex trading, because the higher the risks a player is willing to assume, the more generous the profits will be. Binary options are not only more profitable, but also less risky than Spot Forex so while one can double or triple his initial investment sooner, he can enjoy refunds going as high as 15%.

Unlike Forex where you can only trade different currency pairs, with binary option you can greatly diversify your operations. There are plenty of underlying assets, such as indices, commodities or stock that are suitable for binary options, but the downside is that trading takes place at prearranged intervals. Those who fancy the idea of hedging with a single account, should know that this is only possible when trading binary options and the payouts can be generous due to the excellent ration between reward and risk. More binary options tips in this link.