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Why The "Facebook Freakout" Should Not Discourage College And Nonprofit Fundraisers

|Includes:ANGI, Facebook (FB), LNKD, P, ZNGA

Leading up to Facebook's IPO, the media, Wall Street, industry experts and nonprofit consultants were all excitedly discussing the masses of millionaires that the social networking company's public offering would create overnight. As discussed in "The Market's Facebook Freakout," which appeared in last week's edition of Business Week, the media's coverage of Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) has since turned into a bash fest of investors' irrational exuberance.

While it's true that Facebook's stock is hovering around $20 a share today, down from a first day peak of $45, the company is still being valued at an astounding $46.7 billion. With such a lofty market valuation, Facebook's strategic investors, senior executives and employees are all still well positioned to flood their bank accounts when Facebook's insider lockup periods pass.

Several other notable technology companies have seen their IPO lockup periods end over the past year, minting scores of new millionaires. One such example is Linkedin Corporation (NYSE:LNKD), which went public in May of 2011 and is now valued at over $11 billion. Since its lockup period ended, Linkedin insiders have sold more than $521 million in stock of the professional-focused social company, according to Donor Watch. Similarly, Zynga Inc's (NASDAQ:ZNGA), Angie's List Inc's (NASDAQ:ANGI) and Pandora Media's (NYSE:P) insiders have sold more than $230 million, $126 million and $62 million over the past year, respectively.

Linkedin's CEO Jeff Weiner, who is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School, has sold more than $51 million of stock since the IPO. The company's CFO Steven Sordello (Santa Clara University - BA and MBA) and its SVP of Operations David Henke (University of California, Santa Barbara) have sold nearly $35 million and $26 million of stock, respectively. Meanwhile, Pandora Media's Chief Strategist Timothy Westergren (Stanford University) and Chief Technology Officer (University of Michigan) sold $7.2 million and $6 million of Pandora's Stock, respectively.

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Disclosure: I am long FB.