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Humor: A Possible Storyline For A Blackberry Advertisement...

|Includes:BlackBerry Ltd. (BBRY)

Blackberry needs to come out with a hitting advertisement - while I was watching the video blog on

The folks on that video blog were talking about how Blackberry needs to do something to spread the word; suddenly, this is what came to my mind...

"Hey! I am an 'Anal'yst and this is my dear cussin - Media... we both do a fantastic job at destroying shareholder value - oh by the way, as you know - we are currently trying to destroy Blackberry - and what a fun, fun job it has been...

ah, well, well, cussin are we not diabolically cruel (like those service providers) to go out and trash Blackberry while we ourselves cannot do without their devices in our daily lives (introspect for a while) I guess the truth shall remain buried forever..."

and close the ad by saying: The Media closes the ad by saying:

Cussin, if I really could say how Blackberry helps you in your job - I would have written:

"Z10/Q10 - a lasting investment, without the risk..."

The 'Anal'yst says:

Cussin, I can honestly say: "You Z'ed it!" (rhyming with "You said it!")

Disclosure: I am long BBRY.

Stocks: BBRY