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12 Rules on how to play the New Bull Market

Be smart and learn how to play the markets on this Bull Charge.

My work shows that there is a new Bull Market, no matter what you hear in the mainstream media.
Twelve Rules to needed to Ride it. I tried to make it 10 but could not.
1.The World Markets are at your finger tips.
The US markets only represent 20% of the World's economy, there is a lot more out there and the global markets are accessible by everyone in the US. Learn about the BRIC (-R) sans Russia for now. The US markets usually lead so there is opportunity around the world, learn about them.
2. Do not take needless risk.
You must determine what you like and then when, but you have to make the move, and likely will not catch the bottom or the top. Study the Support/Resistance and Key indicators and then proceed. Pay attention and be nimble.
3. The Stock Market is alive and will attract lots of people like you
The markets rise on buying and fall on selling. Learn to recognize this action and the trends, do not chase markets.
4. Control your emotions; the market is a business of discipline, courage, and patience, not the emotions of Greed and Fear.
The pavement of Wall Street is full of cheer leaders that will tell you that the past is in tune with the present and the future. Do not get taken in, tune out the Noise.
5. Pay no attention to the Broker that cold calls you, and they will.
If you are in the market, some broker will call you and tell you now is the time to buy "these" shares because...... are a number of pitches. This will likely happen at a top when the big brokers have to distribute their shares; do not do it.
6. Diversifying your portfolio.
Diversify means investing across different&... with separate strategies. Learn them, it is you money and your responsibility.
7. A Forecast is a Guess; ignore them.
Economists missed the recession, most strategists missed the downturn, and some prominent analysts are conflicted in their work. Do not think like the group; go against the grain once you understand the business and what the grain is.
8. Learn to Invest and Understand. (LIU)
It is ok to under perform the indices in a Bull Market, there is no reason to go "All In." this is not a game of Texas Hold 'em, where the tough bluff. The stock market has infinite risk tolerance, an infinite time horizon, and very deep pockets, (the rule of Gambler's Ruin). You c... compete with major market indices, so do not try.
9. Be Patient.
There are lots of investment opportunities. If you missed one, there will be another. Patience is one key rule.
10. Be Courageous
If you see a stock that you like and are confident of the play, do not be afraid, invest, do it early, little, and often.
11. Plan your work and work your plan +
Plan your work and work your plan and always keep a journal so that you can learn from your mistakes; you will make some.
12. Profits and Loses
Learn to cut your losses early and let your profits run, but always remember that you never get poor taking a profit, but do not let greed conquer you, you will lose.

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