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Yet Another Early Xmas

|Includes:CHU, DRYS, HYTM, Las Vegas Sands Corp. (LVS), WYNN

Yesterday was and the opening session today will be a great time to be buying, after substantial falls in the market as a whole and in some of my favorite stocks I am confident of yet another super pay day in the coming weeks.

Not everyday is pay day, some days are work, yesterday and today are examples of the work, watch the market closely see what is being oversold. Today I think you want to own the following list.

LVS and WYNN are way oversold, both have IPO's lined up for Hong Kong and I know 1st hand how incredibly strong the interest in these IPO's is going to be. The money raised will also be invested primarily in Macua real estate, a great place to have your money anyway, add a Casino to that, combined with the easing of entry rules for many Chinese and LVS and WYNN are going to exceed everyones expectations.

DRYS is trading in the premarket under $6, buy it, buy it with confidence it will go to at least $8 very soon.AAPL $180 in the premarket, and I expect them to deliver a good Q3 and a super Q4, about to hit China with the iPhone AAPL looks very good.

CHU at $14 is a gift, the 1st iPhone partner in China, strong growth in their traditional market, 3G applications coming into the market as well, CHU looks set to go to $20.

HYTM simply this must get to $1 in a short period to stay on the NASDAQ, I am guessing it sees, $1.40 in the short term.

Over in Pinksheet land there seems to be a constant drift from reality as the markets degenerates into some sort of sideshow. They only things worth owning there are things that are getting ready to depart this orgy of uneducated opinion. The red hot bargains here are GFGU trading well below its value based on legal action from a non-stock SPNGE an entertaining story but irrelevant to the future success of GFGU.

AEMC, own this one and own it fast, TOMZ if the hospital results come back as expected this should see $12-$13.

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