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Emerged Outsourcing City Expected To Keep Talent Pool Healthy

What interests contact center services providers to put up facilities in different areas across the globe, primarily India and the Philippines, is the amount that they can save from their company's expenditures. However, this is not the only reason why companies seek providers who are either based offshore or who has a facility offshore. It is their cultural affinity and the impeccable quality of the service they render to their clients which drives businesses to turn to outsourcing companies.

For business process outsourcing companies, especially voice solutions providers, must make it a point to ensure the efficiency and quality of their manpower because these are the people who handle the customers and it is important for customers to receive the best service possible. Although it is important during the recruitment stage to see that the applicant seeking the position of a contact center agent already possesses the basic qualities and skills needed, engaging in a rigorous training as a follow through would also be advisable. Professionals looking to fill a position of a contact center agent still need some polishing despite the fact they already possess the necessary requirements, mainly because each project is different and may require some specifications asked by the client.

On a different note, there are also contact center firms who look at developing talents on their own. Recently, business process outsourcing firm in the Philippines Aegis People Support partnered with Asian College of Technology for a program to give 320 new graduates and out-of-school youth an opportunity to earn while receiving training for a call center job. This partnership is aimed at enabling the academic sector to hone skills for future outsourcing employees. The aforementioned contact center also mentions in their statement that they have plans of partnering with other schools within the country. The schools mentioned in the statement were mostly from Cebu City, which is another city in the Philippines where contact centers such as Aegis People Support, Sykes (NASDAQ:SYKE) and Convergys (NYSE:CVG) have a facility.

Cebu City has been one of the destinations that have emerged for outsourcing, according to Tholons list. The city is considered to be rich in manpower that is ripe for outsourcing and outsourcing companies have already recognized this. As proof for this claim, the city's revenue for the outsourcing sector has been estimated to have reached $1.25 billion in the past year and has employed around 65,000 employees. This is actually a pretty big figure for one city alone, and it is highly probable that this would go up as different outsourcing companies from across the globe, and not just the United States, have already seen Cebu City as a promising location. Tholons has recommended for the city to keep its stream of qualified employees at a steady pace and for Cebu City to maximize its business process outsourcing segment and to develop its knowledge process outsourcing segment and capabilities.

There will always be a new territory that could emerge as an outsourcing destination, but what is important is for them to be able to supply the needed manpower which are qualified to perform specific duties and work processes.

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