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The 9 March 2009 Wilshire's Final Lower High Reflexic Growth Fractal: 39/98-99/78-79 days

13/31/28 days completed  the Wilshire's  Second Growth Fractal to its 29 Day Interpolated day first base sequence.

The 28 day third sub fractal of the 13/31/28 day fractal x/2.5x/2x was composed of 6/12/12 days  x/2x/2x.

The debt dependent Macroeconomic system is an evolving, self-bounding  perfect system defined mathematically in the quantum growth and decay of its asset saturation curves

It is a system currently saturated with debt, saturated with over produced and overvalued housing assets in which most citizens denominate their  wealth, and saturated in GM-equivalent mathematically impossible entitlements.

The ideal final self organizing asset growth phase beginning on 9 March 2009 is 88'220/176 days:: x/2.5x/2x.

The 176 day third fractal of this sequence is initated by a 39 day base fractal:  6/14/12/10 day ::  x/2.5x/2x/1.6x  or 39 day ideal Lammert  four phase growth and decay sequence  described in 2005 in the Main page of the Economic Fractalist. The 39 day sequence is the terminal 39 days  of the 220 day second fractal and defines the base fractal of the third growth sequence.

The 220 day second fractals composed of 221 days, two days which are 1/2 trading days.

A final ideal fractal sequence composing the the third fractal's 176 days: 39/98/-9978-79 days.

The 98 day second fractal is reasonably composed of a 29/72 days: 2 days which are interrpolated and shared between the 220 day second fractal and the concluding  third 176 day fractal.

The 29 day base fractal can be observed  in TNX. For the DAX the base fractal is 30 days.

The second subfractal to the 29 day base for the Wilshire is composed of a 13/31/28 day fractal. The 28 day third fractal is composed of a 6/12/12 :: x/2x/2x final saturation growth phase.

The Wilshire's 72-73 day second fractal with its interpolated 29 day base is on day 70 with expected massive nonlinearity on day 71 - 73