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11 October 2010: DAX Second Fractal Growth Saturation: 12/31/30 days :: x/2.5x/2.5x

The 25 May 2010 base fractal of the DAX is 30 days vice the 21 May interpolated 29 days of Milshire.

The second fractal sequence is 12/31/30 days. The third subfractal of 30 days is composed of a 6/13/13 day fractal of which October 11 represents the 13th day of the third fractal.

The 12/31/30  day three phase quantum growth fractal is a very saturated x/2.5x/2.5x pattern. The 30 th day of the third fractal of this pattern is the 71st day  in the terminal 2x - 2.5x  portion of a 75 day second fractal to the 25 May 2010 30 day first base fractal.

A second fractal nonlinear decline in the DAX composite valuation will occur within the 4 tradings days dropping the price from 6300 to 5900.