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29 or 30 March 2011 for the Predictable Wilshire Black Swan Event? - which is it, the 29th or the 30th?

29 or 30 March 2011 for the Predictable Black Swan Event?  - which is it, the 29th or the 30th?

From the Wilshire's daily chart from the last month, all can observe.

And ask ''' is it a x/2.5x/2x final growth fractal or an extended  x/2.5x/2.5x three phase growth fractal?

Will there be a minutely exhaustion gap or will the great composite Wilshire go out with a historically ultrasaturated  diamond shaped lateral trading valuation area whimper?

All of the interested money is in this global central bank,  ZIRP accommodated market; all of the maximally malinvested participating money is on the table - the forced and leveraged speculative money is all in -  all in in this very coerced facilitated derivative market known as the equity and commodity markets.  All in.  All in.  All completely in (within a few trading days of being completely in).

There are no more buyers at this hyper saturation 2x-2.5 x synergistic second fractal time zone. The real world news speaks of deflation: credit obligations that cannot be met, higher interest rates for insolvent countries and states, and austerty programs for entitlement programs that make the poorest jobless US citizen a king compared to the Asian wage earner. Things are very very out of kelter.

What does the equity  market produce, but a facilitated speculative bubble?  Is this speculative bubble  taxed at the same rate as a savings account? Does this make any sense in any way? A citizen saves the traditional way and the citizen  loses money both thru the inflation
that the forced speculative system causes and the further  loss compared to the tax advantaged equity speculation. Why would any citizen save?  Does anyone believe that the stock market system now produces sustainable net jobs in the real economy? Who is in charge
of this and who created this incredibly  destabilizing unfair system?

Unlike PIMCO, the ultra rich, ultra conservative bond holders are not changing their investment strategy during this particular  time zone. The population like PIMCO who have changed investments based on money printing and zero rate returns, have already changed and placed their bets. In the next three trading days, those speculating and borrowing on credit have thrown and will throw their last dimes on the long side of an ultrasaturated overvalued market.

The trading houses who will have their own special purgatory are setting the buttons to make the greatest killing of all time.

So why 29 or 30 March 2011?  Which is it for the great US Wilshire?

The 28th is a 2/5/4 day fractal x/2.5x/2x easily observable and
29 March 2011 is a extended x/2.5x.2.5x fractal :: 2/5/5 day fractal.

Both lay in the terminal area of 6 synchronized second fractal x-2.5x areas.

Perhaps there will be a final baby  elephant fractal on the tail of the 2/5/5 day fractal.

Does the macroeconomic system have its own patterns, its own science, its own  boundaries and limited quantum math that central bank money printing cannot overcome? Time will .... The week of 28 March 2011 will provide the answer.