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Saturation Macroeconomics: The 6 March 2009 Wilshire's X/2.5X/2X/1.6X Complex 3rd and 4th Final Decay Progression: A Predictable Mini Black Swan Event on 12 July 2011?

Saturation Macroeconomics: The 6 March 2009 Wilshire's  X/2.5X/2X/1.6X Complex 3rd and 4th Final Decay Progression:  A Predictable Mini Black Swan Event on 12 July 2011?

The Lammert 4 phase time based fractal series:  x/2.5x/2x/1.6x

 First and Second Growth Fractal: x/2.5x starting 6 March 2009 and ending on 25 May 2010

88/221 days = x/2.5x

6 May 2010 represented second fractal hallmark terminal nonlinearity and was contained within a 6/14/12/10 :: x/2.5x/2x/1.6x fractal ending on 25 May 2010

Third growth and Fourth Decay Fractal: 2x/1.62x  Ideally 2(88.4 days) +1.62(88.4days) = 320 days

This is a caricatured fractal series distorted by the massive central bank nonmarket purchase of US debt, toxic overvalued assets, and a government  stimulus program in an overproduced, overvalued, and  debt ridden real market.

The complex conjoined 3rd and 4th fractal has its 14 day base fractal origins on 6 May 2010 but actually began on 25 May 2010:

14/27/43 days :: x/2x/(2x +1.6x)

(The 25 May 2010  27 day second fractal of this series was composed of the ECCE idealized Nikkei futures 8/20 day perfect series with a nonlinear break between the 16th and 17th day of the second fractal.)

27 and 43 days belong to the 25 May 2010 conjoined complex 3rd and 4th fractal series with 43 days serving as the base for the follow-on fractal series:

43/105/86 :: x/2.5x/2x

The Japanese earthquake was one of the very very rare events that actually had an impact on the World equity markets.

Observing Ford a 43/107/86 ideal fractal is seen with the 86 day third fractal composed of a 29/58 day x/2x fractal beginning on day 106 of the 107 second fractal, with the first 29 day base composed  of a (6)5/14/12 day decay series.

The conclusion of the 29/58 day fractal is  29/69 days :: x/2.5x

From the 58 day to the 69 day low a 12 day base if formed for a 12/27/27 day y/2-2.5y/2-2.5y decay fractal

The last 2-2.5y/2-2.5y are composed of an 8/20/16/12 day series :: x/2.5x/2x/1.5x series.

This series is contained in the terminal portion of a 34/83 of 85 quarter(3 month) fractal series beginning in 1982.

Currently as of 9 July 2010 this x/2.5x/2x/1.5x ::  8/20/16/12 day series is on day 9 of the second fractal or 8/9 of 20/16/12 days.

The sum of all of the days from 25 May 2010:  (27 days) plus 43/105/86 and 12/27/27 days is 320 and matches the expected 2x plus 1.62x of the ideal 88.4 base starting on 6 March 2009.

The next eleven days of 20 day second fractal is expected to have a 2/5/4/3 day decay sequence with great lower low nonlinearity occurring on 12 July 2011.