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EUPHORISTS: Expect The Unexpected: The Early April 2012 Commodity And Composite Equity Crash

The dominant Wilshire/DAX averaged three phase Lammert growth pattern from March 2003 to present is 20/50/40 :: x/2.5x/2x months.

System nodal low valuations show a 21/53/42 :: x/2.5x/2x pattern.

There are three observable synchronized second fractals: all within the terminal portion of the second fractal of the first base:

1789-1858//1858 -2012 :: 70/155 years
1982-1990//1990-2012 :: 9/23 years
28 Sept-25 Nov 2011//25 Nov 11-30 Mar 12 43 or(5)+39/87 days

Great and historical second fractal asset devolution nonlinearity is expected.

For the March 2003 20/50/40 month growth fractal, the third 40 month growth fractal has a complex evolution and is best observed in the monthly evolution of the DAX.

The base fractal for the 40 month third fractal begins in the terminal portion of the 50 month second fractal.

A part of one month from the terminal 50 month second fractal is added to 6 downgoing months for a total of 7 months. The lower low valuation at the end of the 7 month base fractal provides an indication of the massive poor quality nonrepatable debt load that weighs on the debt-money-asset system.

The monthly DAX pattern is 7-/17/13-14/8-9 of 9-10 months.

The weekly DAX pattern correlating to this monthly pattern is 24/61/48+/39 weeks. Starting In April the DAX/Wilshire/NIKKEI are on the 37th of 39 weeks.

Global composite equities and commodities will undergo nonlinear devolution over the next 3 weeks:

In order to reach a third fractal final apogee of 40 months the system 'self assembled' a complex daily and weekly reflexic fractal series of x/2.5x/2.5x - best seen with the DAX composite.

The DAX completed a (3)/6/15/15 week reflexic fractal series with a final daily apogee at (11)/(4)28+/71/71 days.

The DAX is now in a crash mode with the third fractal 15 weeks or 71 plus day growth sequence as of 31 March composed of 19/39/18 of 18-22 days.

The third 18 day fractal is currently composed of 4/10/6 of 6 to10 days as a final lower high.

The entire final length to a crash low will occur over the next three-four weeks completing a 24/61/48+/39.

There are two monthly interpolated fractals from 2003 whose phase interface will form the base fractal for final Wilshire lower low.
These are a 20/50/40 month and a 21/53/37 of 42-43 month fractal series.

The fractal tracking to the final low appears to be in a phase difference between these two interpolated fractals.

Retrospectively in 2-3 years the pathway to the final equity valuation system low will follow a highly mathematical, elegantly simple fractal pattern.