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The Great Wilshire June-July-August Blow-Off :Dating From The 1 June 2012 Nonlinear Second Fractal Low Of The 4 October 2011 54/114 Day :: X/2-2.5x !st And 2nd Fractal Series.

In the next 3 months - and dating from the 1 June 2012 nonlinear terminus of the 19 December 2011 2nd fractal low - a historical Wilshire blow-off will occur a self assembly quantum fractal sequence - and will likely take the Wilshire to above its nominal 11 October 2007 high.

The fractal progression that comprises this shortened third fractal of a nadir-apogee 4 October 2011 54/114/ 1 of 55-60 day series will be elegantly patterned as the debt load of the debt-money-asset system compresses fractal evolution into a pristine deterministic and mathematical quantum fractal pattern.