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Research Report Of Chinese Cold-chain Logistic Industry, 2009

The cold chains refer to a complete and comprehensive facility and measure, which put the nondurable goods to certain suitable conditions by adopting certain technical measures in the whole process of collection, processing, packaging, storage, transportation and sales, cut down the decline speed of the goods quality as much as possible and maintain the best quality at maximum.

Different from the industry situation in the commodity departments, supermarkets and household apparatus departments, the cold chain logistic industry is truly "cold". However, the cold chain logistic industry is indispensable. All the fresh food in the market needs to guarantee the quality by the cold chains. Although the cold chain logistic industry is not mature, the spring of Chinese cold chain logistic industry is coming with more attentions paid to the food safety.

The food logistic safety is still the demerit of many food manufactures. The decay of the food is the major reason that causes the food safety hazards and the resource waste. The focus on the food safety is driving the development of the food cold chain market, represented by the meat, fruits, vegetables, aquatic products and dairy products.

At present, there are about 2 thousand meat food factories in China and the annual yields of the meat products are above 60 million tons; the fast freezing food factories are about 2 thousand and the annual yields exceed 8.5 million tons; the cold drink factories are about 4 thousand and the annual outputs reach 1.5 million tons; there are more than 1,500 dairy manufacturers and the annual yields amount to 10 million tons as well as the annual yields of the aquatic products over 40 million tons.

During the cool transportation process, the fluctuation of the temperature is the major cause for the decline of the food quality. The above mentioned food all belongs to the nondurable goods. In order to guarantee the food freshness and quality, the cold chain logistics is needed. With the fast growth of the production and sales of the food, Chinese refrigerated logistic industry will step into the fast growth period.

In China, from the part of the food and the primary agricultural products, there is a high rate for the decay of the vegetables and fruits, which adds the operation costs for the supermarkets. If entering into the cold chain systems, the shelf-life of the commodities can be improved by one fold, equivalent to the sales time of the commodities in the supermarkets. If the shelf-life of the nondurable goods can be postponed from one day to three days, the losses of the supermarkets can be cut down by 30 to 50 percent.

The infrastructure of Chinese cold chain logistics is weak, short of standards and supervision shortage, especially the standard shortage has become the shortcomings of the cold chain logistics, making the cold chain logistics in disorder. Therefore, in March 2008, Standardization Administration of PRC approved and set up the national standardization organization for the cold chain logistics - National Logistics Standardization Technical Committee Cold Chain Logistics Branch Committee, which supervised the national and industrial standardization administration.

From the aspect of the development history of the cold-chain logistics in the developed countries, the industry chain terminals, as the benefactor of the cold chain logistics, must be the promoters that propel the cold chain logistics positively. China does not have such circumstances. Although the cold chain logistics develops late in China, the road is still long in the future.

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