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In 2008, as there were no severe insect attacks on rice, demands in Chinese insecticide market dropped by 140,000 tons (technical), decreasing by 3.24%. Many insecticide producers in China had too many products in stock and the price remained low.


In 2009, the weather warmed up and damages of crop pests were expanded. Chinese insecticide market began to recover. With the increase of temperature, more and more pests appeared on fruit trees, vegetables and rice. Demands for insecticides in the market increased accordingly and the price of insecticide products increased. In Q1 of 2009, the price of main insecticide technical increased noticeable.

Chart Price Growth of Chinese Main Insecticide Technical in Q1 of 2009 (Unit in CNY per ton)


At the beginning of 2009

At the end of Q1 of 2009

Growth Rate

Diazinon Technical




Cypermethrin Technical




Avermectin Technical




Cartap Technical




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Source: China Research and Intelligence


With the improvement of people’s awareness of ecological environment protection and the gradual implementation of laws and regulations, the development of efficient, low-harm, low-residual and pollution-free insecticides has been under discussion. It can be expressed as pursuing three highs. Newly developed insecticides have a high level of security, which means they are not only low-harm and low-residual, but also can be degraded and are pollution-free. They have a high level of biological activity, and most effective doses of newly developed chemicals are in a low level. They have a high selectivity. Nearly all the new products have their own modes of action and are inactive on those crops and good insects which are different from target pests. Bioinsecticides have gained more and more attention and the market share is increasing continuously.

With the financial input and policy support on agriculture by Chinese government, farmers’ enthusiasm for production will be enhanced gradually. Demands for pesticides including insecticides are increasing. Besides, affected by the financial crisis, the main pesticide producers of the world began to reduce production and stocks since the latter half of 2007, which brought good opportunities for Chinese insecticide enterprises.

Data of this report mainly come from the results of market research of our company and also come from valuable secondary resources. This report analyzes the current situation of Chinese insecticide industry and predicts development tendencies. And through analyzing the selling channels and the industry chain of Chinese insecticide industry, this report gives an in-depth research on the analyses of Chinese insecticide market, demand and supply, and concentration, development directions and investment opportunities with accurate and detailed documents. This report supplies important reference values for users to carry out business investments and set up developing strategies.


Through this report, readers can acquire the following and more information:

- Overview of Chinese insecticide industry

- Affecting factors on the development of Chinese insecticide industry

- Market competition in Chinese insecticide industry

- Main enterprises in Chinese insecticide industry and their operation status

- Risks on the development of Chinese insecticide industry

- Existing investment opportunities in Chinese insecticide industry

- Affects of the global financial crisis on Chinese insecticide industry


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Source: China Research and Intelligence

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