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CRI REPORT - "Healthy" Drinks Boom In China Beverage Market

CRI REPORT - CRI researchers visited several supermarkets and found that there were all kinds of "healthy" drinks in the supermarkets. Sugar-coated Sydney, sugar-coated haw juice and herbal tea all claim to have inherited from history as "healthy" drinks, receiving great attention from consumers. (Related research)

These "healthy" drinks are sold at high prices, almost double that of ordinary drinks with similar packages. However, many customers are still willing to pay for these "healthy" drinks. (Related research)

Though the "healthy" drinks with high prices claim to be made according to traditional recipes, their recipes on the package are actually quite simple. For example, the ingredients of Master Kong Sugar-coated Hawthorn are water, white granulated sugar, hawthorn juice concentrate, rock sugar, salt and food additives, and the ingredients of Huiyuan Sugar-coated Haw Juice are pure water, white granulated sugar, fructose syrup, hawthorn juice concentrate, rock sugar and food additives. Healthy herbal tea which claims to be capable of clearing heat simply contains some additional clearing and detoxifying herbal ingredients. The ingredients of some herbal tea include water, white granulated sugar, grass jelly, plumeria, paniculata juice, chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, prunella, licorice and so on. (Related research)

"Healthy" drinks are mainly divided into two categories. One category is herbal tea, and the other is fruit juice drinks like Master Kong Sugar-coated Hawthorn, Master Kong Sugar-coated Hawthorn, Master Kong Sugar-coated Sydney, Minute Maid Ice Orange Lemon, Master Kong Plum Juice and Huiyuan Sugar-coated Haw Juice. (Related research)

Drink manufacturers who plan to achieve success in a single category in the current market have to make their products taste good with attractive packages and reasonable price, which is becoming increasingly difficult at present. Therefore, "healthy" drinks are probably a marketing strategy of manufacturers. (Related research)