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Investigation Report On China Aripiprazole Market, 2009-2018

China used to be the "world factory" for manual workers. Presently, it surpasses Japan and becomes the largest buyer of industrial robots in the world. One out of 5 industrial robots worldwide was purchased by China in 2013. According to statistics from the International Federation of Robotics, China purchased 36,560 industrial robots in 2013, which increased by 60% compared to 2012. Japan ranked second with the purchase amount of 26,015, followed by the U.S. which purchased 23,679 industrial robots.

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CAGR of purchase amount of industrial robots was 36% in China in 2008-2013. Increasing demand came from large-scale multinational manufacturers, especially those in automobile industry. China is the world's largest market for automobiles while the demand for industrial robots in auto manufacture industry accounted for 60% of national demand. Japan led in robot manufacture industry. The 6 leading Japanese enterprises accounted for half of the sales volume of industrial robots in China while proportion of the 4 leading domestic manufacturers was 5%. The sharp increase in import of industrial robots was caused by industrial automation and large-scale import in foreign-funded enterprises in China.

Industrial robots produced in Japan consist of welding, mechanical processing and assembly robots. Automobile, electronic machinery and semiconductor are the most important application areas of industrial robots. As Japanese manufacture industry transfers overseas, domestic demand for industrial robots declines in Japan while overseas demand increases. In 2008, 62% of industrial robots produced in Japan were exported while the proportion increased to 73% in 2010. The proportion of industrial robots exported to China increased from 1.5% in 2000 to 17.3% in 2010. Demand in China accounted for 30% of the export volume in Japan with export through third-party included. According to statistics from Japan Robotics Industries Association, output value of industrial robots in Japan was JPY 400 billion in 2013, including JPY 280 billion of export value. China and South Korea are two of the fastest growing countries in terms of import of industrial robots.

According to the statistics, the number of robots owned per 10,000 workers was 23 in Chinese manufacture industry in 2012 while the number in South Korea and Japan was 396 and 332 respectively. As China becomes the largest buyer of industrial robots, the "world factory" is prospering in manufacture industry.

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