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State Grid Corporation Of China Released The Centralized Bidding Result Of The First Group Of Intelligent Ammeters - In the mid November, 2009, State Grid Corporation of China released the centralized bidding plan for the first group of intelligent ammeters. In the past, the bidding of ammeters is the independent bidding by provincial grid companies. This is the first centralized bidding for ammeters by State Grid Corporation of China. The bidding is uniformly organized by State Grid Corporation of China and implemented by provincial grid companies.

The bidding consists of 2.94 million ammeters, including 2.68 million single-phase ammeters (91%) and 260,000 three-phase ammeters (9%). The bidding value of these ammeters totals about RMB 700 million (USD 102.6 million). 12 provinces are engaged in the centralized bidding. Zhejiang and Shandong are the two leading provinces with the bidding proportion of 33% and 30% separately.

The centralized bidding result of ammeters of State Grid Corporation of China was released on December 22nd, 2009. There are 23 successful bidding enterprises - 16 are single-phase ammeter ones and 11 are three-phase ammeter ones. In the past, there were nearly 2,000 ammeter manufacturers in China, leading to the low ammeter market concentration. However, according to the number of successful bidding enterprises, the concentration is improved significantly. Moreover, only a small number of enterprises win the bidding because of the small bidding scale.

There are 16 successful bidding enterprises of single-phase ammeters. The market concentration is higher than the expectation. Jiangsu Linyang Electronics Co., Ltd. still ranks the first among these enterprises with the successful bidding number of 380,000, accounting for 14.6%. In recent years, Jiangsu Linyang Electronics Co., Ltd. takes a leading position in the single-phase ammeter industry. Besides, Hangzhou PAX Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, Wasion Group and Hangzhou Xili Watthour Meter Manufacture Co., Ltd also occupy over 10% of market shares respectively.

There are 11 successful bidding enterprises of three-phase ammeters. The number is lower than that of single-phase ammeters but the concentration is higher. In the ammeter industry, the threshold of the three-phase ammeter sector is higher than that of the single-phase ammeter sector, so there are less three-phase ammeter enterprises. All the market shares of the Top 4 enterprises in the bidding are more than 10%. They are Yantai Dongfang Weisidun Electric Co., Ltd, Hangzhou PAX Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, Ningbo Sanxing Electric Co., Ltd and Shenzhen Haoningda Electronic Meters Manufacturing Co., Ltd. In 2010, the number of ammeters in the centralized bidding by State Grid Corporation of China will be raised greatly, leading to the considerable increase in the total bidding value. In 2010, the investment in ammeters by State Grid Corporation of China will exceed RMB 10 billion, more than RMB 5 billion of which will be used for the centralized bidding.

The development of Chinese intelligent grid will also greatly stimulate the growth in the ammeter industry.

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