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This report describes the general development of China's pharmaceutical industry in aspects of investment, production, sales, import & export, major prices and operations. - In 2011, the total investment amount of fixed assets in Chinese pharmaceutical industry was accumulated to CNY 261.536 billion, increasing by 45.5% YOY. Since 2011, the increase speed of fixed asset investment in Chinese pharmaceutical industry has a rising trend on the whole, and the proportion of it is gradually enlarged. On one hand, the official implementation of the new version GMP promotes the sharp increase of capitals for the establishment of new plants and the purchase of equipment; on the other hand, some favorable factors such as the full operation of the new standards on the water pollutant emission of pharmaceutical industry, the successive acquisition of the initiative special funds for the important new drugs, the gradual increasing of the investment in the initiative new drugs from the enterprises and so on, spur the rapid increase speed of pharmaceutical industry investment. Currently, there have been 15 pharmaceutical enterprises approved by new version GMP, and many pharmaceutical enterprises are carrying out the reform according to new version GMP. It is expected that the investment scale will still be enlarged in the future period.

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Table of Contents

1. Investment of Pharmaceutical Industry

1.1 Rapid Growth of Fixed Asset Investment

1.2 Investment of Foreign Capital

2. Production of Pharmaceutical Industry

2.1 Rapid Growth of Added Value

2.2 Production Recovery of Chemical Active Ingredients

2.3 Output of Chinese Patent Drugs

3. Sales of Pharmaceutical Industry

3.1 Output Value

3.2 Gross Retail Sales of Chinese and Western Pharmaceuticals

4. Import and Export of Pharmaceuticals

4.1 Import

4.2 Export

5. Price of Pharmaceutical Industry

5.1 PPI

5.2 RPI

5.3 PMI

6. Operation of Pharmaceutical Industry

6.1 Revenue and Profits

6.2 Profit Rate