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China Research and Intelligence: The Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) Vaccine Industry in China Sees Bright Prospect --It was announced by Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China on May 1st, 2009 that the suspected FMD occurring in a cow-breeding sub district was confirmed to be A-type FMD, according to the National FMD Reference Laboratory. Now, the epidemic has been under control.



FMD is an acute, hot and contact epidemic among cloven-hoofed animals caused by FMD virus. It spreads rapidly and widely. Once catching FMD, adult animals die with blisters and ulcers on oral cavity mucous membrane, hoof and breast while young animals die for acute myocarditis and hemorrhagic enteritis.


There are all together seven serotypes: A, O, C, Asia I, South Africa I, II, III. The infection targets are mainly such cloven-hoofed animals as cow, sheep, pig, camel and so on.


FMD are still occurring in most countries, except several countries with good natural isolation conditions. Although the animal husbandry in China develops at a high speed after the reform and opening-up, the out-of-date ways of breeding and the weak prevention and control systems against animal diseases cause a huge threat to the animal husbandry in China.


According to “Animal Epidemic Prevention Law of the People’s Republic of China” in July 1997, Chinese government took mandatory measures to fight against FMD. The government purchased FMD vaccines from animal vaccine producers and then distributed those vaccines to livestock farmers free. In 2008, the sales of FMD vaccines amounted to 4.2 million liter and the number was predicted to be the same in 2009 and 2010.


The operation mode of FMD vaccine industry in China is case occurring, local government inviting bids, producers producing, and government distributing. Because the government takes the major responsibility, the purchase of government is the direct impulse which enhances the development of the FMD vaccine industry.


In 2007 and 2008, the number of Asia I-type FMD cases kept dropping. Only 3 cases occurred in 2008. However, since the early 2009, diseases seemed to be active and cases kept increasing. On Jan 13th, 2009, the A-type FMD was found in Wuhan, Hubei and it was the first time that the A-type FMD occurred in China. Then, the A-type FMD attacked Shanghai in Feb 2009 and Changzhou on Apr 15th, 2009.


The frequent emergence of FMD cases in early half of 2009 will in a short term increase the vaccine demand; in the long run, demand for these similar vaccines will also steadily increase and the related enterprises will see a bright prospect, due to the development of animal husbandry and worries about FMD consequences.


In general, the animal vaccine industry will show signs of development when cases occur. Bad news for animal husbandry is good news for vaccine industry.



Source: China Research and Intelligence

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