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Outlook Of Chinese Garment Industry, 2012

In my opinion, after a short adjustment, Chinese garment industry will welcome a rapid development once again.

Garment industry is an everlasting topic. China is the largest garment consumption country in the world, and people in China pay more attention to the fashion trend and the frequency of updating clothes is high. In the near two decades, the development of Chinese garment industry is filled with challenges and opportunities. The outlook of Chinese garment industry in 2012 is worthy to be noticed.

Before analyzing the development characteristics of Chinese garment industry of 2012, I will mention some development characteristics of 2011, which can be classified as the following three aspects: firstly, the international demands have the structural changes, the traditional export model need to be changed. Secondly, the pattern of the domestic market has an adjustment and the competition prospect is grim. Thirdly, enterprises begin to make transformation on their own initiatives.

While, in 2012, Chinese garment industry will also have three development trends: first and foremost, the industry will enter a steady development trend. After experiencing the decade of high-speed development, Chinese garment industry will enter an adjustment period, various economic operation indicators will not keep the increase speed as high as that of past years, especially the export, and the increase speed of it will be low. Although the development speed of Chinese garment industry will slow down, the structure of industrial system, remodeling of value system, the perfection of market system will make fundamental changes and improvements for inner qualities of garment industry so that Chinese garment industry win more development opportunities in the future.

Moreover, the garment industry will enter the intensification development. Some large-scale industry groups, such as enterprise group, industry chain group, brand group, multi-national group of the garment industry will be strong. The "galaxy" development mode of the garment industry will have an obvious promotion and adjustment effects on the development and remodeling of patterns of the garment industry in the future. The driving force and influence of large-scale industry groups for small and medium-sized enterprises will be strengthened, truly providing development spaces for small and medium-sized enterprises of the garment enterprises.

Last but not least, the pace of the garment industrial internationalization will be accelerated. Internationalization will deepen the various links and fields of the garment industry and change the industrial form. Controlling, allocating and making full use international resource with an open mind is an inevitable choice for the sustainable development of Chinese garment industry in the future.

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