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Cri-report Market Scale Of Chinese Medicine Intermediates Surmounted CNY 300 Billion

(CRI-report) - Medicine intermediates are the substances made from the raw material then used for finished products in the process of drug synthesis.

In China, the production of medicine intermediates doesn't require pharmaceutical production license. Common chemical plants can produce them, which can be applied in drug synthesis once qualified to certain levels. Medicine intermediates instead of drugs are the raw materials of drug synthesis.

Pharmaceutical industry largely demands special chemicals which was formerly produced by pharmaceutical industry itself, and partly shifted to chemical enterprises following the social division and the improvement of production technology. Medicine intermediates are categorized as fine chemical products, the production of which currently becomes a major emerging industry of international chemical industry.

At present, China needs more than 2,000 varieties of raw materials and medicine intermediates assorted with chemicals every year, the demand volume of which reaches over 2 million tons. With the development of over 30 years, China's chemical raw materials and intermediates needed in pharmaceutical production can basically be produced domestically and only a small part needs to be imported. In 2011, the output of China's medicine intermediates was nearly 3 million tons, the market scale of which surmounted CNY 300 billion. (source:

The export of medicine intermediates is not under various restrictions compared with that of pharmaceuticals; pharmaceutical corporations in developed countries choose to import a large number of medicine intermediates from developing countries in consideration of production cost saving and environmental protection; meanwhile, the particularity of medicine intermediate industry enables China to enjoy an outstanding advantage globally in the industry, which all brings great opportunities to China's medicine intermediate enterprises.

Since China enjoys abundant resources and relatively low prices of raw materials, medicine intermediates are exported in a great number. In 2011, the net export of China's medicine intermediates surmounted 1 million tons. China, the largest export country of APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients) and medicine intermediates, occupies a significant position in the global market.

It is predicted that China's medicine intermediate industry will remain a rapid development in the coming years.

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