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81 Top Yield Stocks With Ex-Dividend Date December 2012

Monthly High Yield Shares Researched By "". High yield investing is popular especially just before the next dividend payout. In order to receive the next dividend, investors must take a look at the ex-dividend date. If you own a share or fund before this day, you will receive the next dividend. I screened interesting high yielding stocks going ex-dividend within the next month - December 2012. As result, we found 81 stocks with an average dividend yield of 6.51 percent. Twelve stocks have a double-digit yield and forty a buy or better recommendation.

Below the results are fifty-one stocks with a market capitalization under USD 2 billion. They have definitely a higher risk. My favorites have a much higher capitalization.

Here is the full list:

81 Top Yield Stocks With Ex-Dividend Date December 2012...

Take a closer look at the full table of high yield stocks with Ex-Dividend Date in December 2012. The average yield amounts to 6.51 percent. Stocks from the screen are valuated with a P/E ratio of 24.17. The average P/S ratio is 5.02 and P/B 2.30.