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54 Top Yielding Stocks With Ex-Dividend Date In February 2013

Monthly high yielding shares researched by "". High yield investing is popular especially just before the next dividend payout. In order to receive the next dividend, investors must take a look at the ex-dividend date. If you own a share or fund before this day, you will receive the next dividend.

I always have a big picture of stocks that go ex-dividend in the near future in order to get quick cash back from my investments. Sure it is not a trading strategy because after the ex-dividend date, the stock is also traded lower in the amount of the dividend.

However, I screened every month some interesting high yielding stocks going ex-dividend within the next month. As result, I found 54 stocks with an average dividend yield of 6.34 percent. Five stocks have a double-digit yield, 31 a high yield. 25 stocks from the results have a buy or better recommendation.

Here is the full list:

54 Top Yielding Ex-Dividend Stocks In February 2013...

Take a closer look at the full table of high yield stocks with Ex-Dividend Date in February 2013. The average yield amounts to 6.30 percent. Stocks from the screen are valuated with a P/E ratio of 22.04. The average P/S ratio is 3.68 and P/B 2.22.

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