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Silver Sparkles on the Fourth

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 Silver Sparkles on the Fourth



I wish a happy and hardy Independence Day for the US readership on this 4th of July. I look forward to the happy vision this evening of silver sparklers being wielded by children, burning their imprint in the dark of eve.  Will they do fanciful circles, or write their name, or just hold them in wonder?  Sparkling reflected in the eyes of children and grandchildren.  I’m blessed to have had the good fortune to see this sight.


 I am reminded that freedom is never free.  I have seen those silver sparkles in the form of mortars both incoming an outgoing on this very same holiday.  My heart goes out to those who have sacrificed and served in the cause of freedom and defended the constitution of their respective countries.  I have been in those trenches, and know of your sacrifice. 


This message is not political,  for those who serve don’t have the luxury of political modus, for they are the tip-of-the-spear.   They entrust their lives and spirit to those who would point them.  Larger interests have abused this privilege at times.  Interests that serve unseen individuals, who don’t know sacrifice.  They don't hold to the values that our forefathers lived their lives by.   


Silver sparklers, silver tipped spears, silver tongues wagging on our capital steps.  Curious that capital buildings are gilded.  Not 24 carrot, but with cheaper, gold foil.  Historically gold is the metal of the wealthy, of royalty and monarchs.  Who are we trying to impress?  Shouldn’t they be domes of silver?  Are they not buildings that represent the interest of the people, for the people and by the people? Many of our forefathers wore silver wigs, lived by values and communicated with common sense.


I digress, this is not Memorial Day.  Let us embrace freedom our from oppression.  I can imagine pleasant dreams of prosperity and economic recovery being fed to me by our silvery-tongued media.   I will try to think positive thoughts of better times, when fiat currencies were strong.  As I gobble hot dogs, and polish off a silver bullet, (or something heavier), I will try to embrace the innocence of youth. 


Tonight is sparklers, fireworks, innocence and joy.  Tomorrow is a day of rest,  a time of reflection and gratitude.  Monday a sobering return to reality and hopefully common sense.  Monday,  I will buy more silver-bullion.  


  Brian “Boot” Boutilier