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It Has Been A Very Good Year!

A job change in 2003 gave me the opportunity to pull all the funds I had in my previous employer's 401k plan out and move them into a self-directed Rollover IR Account.  I've always hated being forced to choose between poor performing mutual funds.  I like to do my own thing.  The chart below graphs the performance of the account from its inception on July 11th, 2003 thru close of business today, May 3rd, 2010.  The fact that this account has never had "non-organic" funding added or subtracted since the initial deposit was made in 2003 makes the numbers much more meaningful.  The colume on the left lists every security ever traded in this account.  Total dividends collected amount to $477.05.  Everything else is pure capital appreciation.

Rollover IRA Lifetime Performance

Disclosure: This account is currently long ARII and CYBI. I am at 82% cash.