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Anticitrade's Story

This post will explain the history of Anticitrade:

My background is in engineering.  I did a BS degree at USU in biological engineering, an MS degree in biosystems engineering at OSU (Oklahoma State University), and I just finished my MBA at BYU.  As an engineer I was heavily involved in analytical solutions to complex waste systems.  My work as an engineer provided me with a toolset that has been very valuable as an investor.

During my MBA I was selected to participate in the Silver Fund.  The Silver Fund is a group of MBA finance students selected to invest $1.5 million of BYU's money in the stock market.  Because I trusted my education (to some extent) I heavily valued a fundamental approach to the stock market.  The engineer inside me told me that the FCF analysis could be automated, and I began working to that end.  Eventually, I created an excel program that automatically completes a fundamental analysis on stocks, does a regression analysis, and rates thousands of stocks based on 10 different criteria.

On investopedia I created an account and invested in the top 10 stocks recommended to me by my program.  About a month later, I checked an old email account and found it filled with emails asking me for stock advice.  When I checked my investopedia account, I found I was ranked 1st of 32,000 investors!  I created a new account based on the most recent recommendations and was soon ranked 2nd of 40,000 investors!  At this point, I and a small team began working to make the results of this program available for other users.  On April 12,2009 our website,, went public. Today (June 2, 2009) we have 483 registered users.

I have used that program to pick all 200 stocks that are in my Motley Fool portfolio with ZERO additional analysis and speculation on my part.  That portfolio is currently ranked 17th of 67,417 users.  My annualized return from my original investopedia account (starting November 21, 2008) is currently 333%. 

The results of my automated system are availabe at