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Regarding latest 8k filing by Radient Pharmaceuticals- $RPC

|Includes:Radient Pharmaceuticals Corporation (RXPC)

The debt in question is one that AMEX officials would like to see converted to equity.

Both the debt holders and RPC are and have been in discussions to make this happen, particularly given the positive developments which are on the horizon (official India payments, scientific study paper publication, two public spinoffs which RPC will have ownership in , etc). Everything is completely under control and there are several options on the table which are very friendly and beneficial to the company and their future.

Of course, you can't expect that the tabloid would report this. How can they? Company management and their lawyers refuse to speak to them- especially with potential lawsuit(s) in the works. (Ask them if they've been put on notice if you think I'm making this up.)

When it comes to the facts and demise of RPC, the bashers have not only been wrong, they've been completely wrong every step of the way. We are confident their histrionics and credibility dive will continue- especially as it relates to this matter.

This bigger question for us is what they're going to say when this all plays out.

Who do you think will look 'mentally challenged' then? 
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