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Addendum To - Investing In Eastern Utility Stocks - Do Today's Valuations Make Sense, Part 4

|Includes:AGR, Dominion Resources, Inc. (D), ED, ES, FE, NEE, SCG, SO

This instablog looks at the eight example Eastern utilities covered in part 4. This instablog will primarily look at valuation through the lens of F.A.S.T. Graphs™. I consider this powerful graphing tool an essential first step when attempting to determine both fair value and the potential return that a common stock offers me. However, they are not the final step. Instead, they provide a very efficient mechanism that allows me to determine whether I want to embark on a more comprehensive research effort or not. Consequently, they can save me (and you) from wasting a lot of my time and effort towards a lost cause.

For the reader's convenience, follow this link to free sample live FAST Graphs™on the eight Central utilities featured in this article:

F.A.S.T. Graphs™ are a "tool to think with" and as such have no agenda of their own. Instead, they are designed to provide "essential fundamentals at a glance" and allow the user to interpret the data according to their own philosophies, strategies and beliefs. In this context, F.A.S.T. Graphs™ are the deliverer or reporter of important information.

In order for the reader to get the maximum benefit out of the eighth sample live fully functioning F.A.S.T. Graphs™ I offer the following suggestions. The long rectangular navigation bar to the left of the graphs allows you to manipulate the graphs in numerous ways. There are different earnings mnemonics that can be run, cash flow overlays, different time frames from 2 to 20 years and much more. Don't be afraid to play with this dynamic tool, you can't break it.

Furthermore, there are three links to other financial websites in the navigation bar printed in yellow ink that can be utilized to facilitate a more comprehensive research effort. The first two, summary and quote, are just under the symbol box. The third is found at the bottom of the navigation bar and is titled "to find other estimates or symbols" and takes you to Microsoft Money Central where consensus estimates from Zacks can be found to cross-check against the estimates provided by Capital IQ.

There is one additional link at the very top of the historical graph that takes you directly to the company's website. Here we suggest looking for the investor relations section and then for presentations or events. For most companies this will provide PowerPoint presentations that the companies have made to analysts. In essence, this is the same information that analysts use to make their estimates.

For the reader's convenience, follow this link to free sample live FAST Graphs™on the eight Central utilities featured in this article:

Disclosure: I am long NEE, SCG.

Stocks: D, ED, FE, NEE, ES, SCG, SO, AGR