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Market Currents' 500-Post Day

When I came in as managing editor for Market Currents at Seeking Alpha last year, in peak earnings time we were able to hit some 240 posts per day -- what would be some 10 per hour, if we weren't concentrated heavily on market hours.

Yesterday, buoyed by a heavy day in earnings, Market Currents had its first 500-post day (and then some, ending up with 538 items). It's a nice indicator of how we're trying to stretch out our coverage to a wider universe while raising quality and focusing on actionable information along the way.

I hear from a lot of people about how they like to read and use Market Currents -- some like to open a browser tab to use it as a running ticker of investment news and commentary; others prefer to stay mobile and look to our Real-Time Alerts to inform them about what's going on in their portfolio. So long as we're improving quality, more items means more information for everyone.

We have a small but terrific team working on parsing information each day to provide short-form news and analysis on the investments you care about -- and cresting the 500-post mark means that overall we're getting you more of the alerts you choose as well. From my team's perspective, we're hoping that high-quality, sharp coverage of a few thousand stocks, along with fixed-income and macroeconomic issues -- combined with a far-reaching array of earnings and dividend coverage and economic data -- adds up to a very solid reader benefit.